Wedding Clip Aris & Maria

Aris & Maria are sharing their intimate story, what they mean to each other, how important they are and how they make each other complete. The more time you devote to your videographer, the more personalised your clip will be as creativity is all about …creation! Enjoy! 

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Bride Clip

We only had a few seconds left to capture a scene with Alda in front of Santorini’s Volcano and …none of our professional video equipment! We didn’t even have any time at all to set up our DSLRs cameras for video, so we grabed instead our iPhones and within only a few seconds of shootings now she has a memory to re-vividify her experience! We always deliver more than you commission us for, that’s our promise and we will do anything to put a smile on your face!

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Video Βαπτισης

Παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για να δείτε αυτό το video! 😉 6971899079 Αυτό το video είναι δείγμα βάπτισης το οποίο περιλαμβάνει ηλεκτρονική μουσική που άκουγε το ζευγάρι. Τα video της βάπτισης δεν περιέχουν μουσική άλλη από την λειτουργία του μυστηρίου.

Wedding Clip John & Marianna

This wedding was for sugar addicts with an enormous buffet of amazing sweets! We have been hired by the couple only for their wedding photography but we secretly agreed with their amazing daughter to create a clip for her to dedicate to them! And this is our present to the three of them, just because they are a wonderful family!

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Videoclip: Cleo & Notis

After public demand, the videoclip of Cleo and Notis! Everyone who attended this extraordinary wedding knows what I am talking about! The recipe seems to be quite simple: A couple that is in way toooo much love with unique and exceptional personalities, some equally crazy friends as guests and of course several kgr or rice… When the couple plans their Read more

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