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The International Wedding of Evi & Philippe

We met with Evi and Philippe during their short visit to the birthplace of Evi, Athens, Greece. Their life could be the theme for a movie! To give you an idea, Philippe was living in Germany, Evi in Greece and they’ve met in Paris during their one day visit! Now they live together in Germany and have lots of amazing photos to enjoy!

True love, driven from passion, always find its way over the miles!

One of the few couples that are passionate about the B&W photos, it was a pleasure to show them their images, most of them in B&W that we love ourselves! A couple of months after the pre-wedding session, the wedding day arrived and with it a great party afterwards. Due to the lifestyle, studies and work of these guys, the guests were from all over the world, from Germany to US and all the way to Brazil! It was so interesting to see how different cultures could interact in such a harmony and find a common way to celebrate under the greek spirit! Or maybe, possessed by it!






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